Hotel President Marsala 3 star hotel

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Marsala and surroundings: Places not to be missed - President Marsala Hotel

Thanks to its geographical location, from President Marsala Hotel you can easily get to the city center or to the most interesting nearby locations such as Segesta, Erice, Selinunte, Egadi islands and Pantelleria.


Marsala is a commercial, agricultural and industrial center.


It’s one of the most rich and hardworking city in all Sicily, and It created the winery industry with the production of fine wines such as the “Marsala”, and the greenhouse agriculture with a great cooperation between various production trades.


In its land rich of vineyards and agrumes fields, a lot of social wineries export great wine all over the world. There are also several fishing and commercial activities, due to a good harbour. In the 35 Km coast, especially in the “Stagnone”, fine and rare kind of fishes like lobsters, sea bass, mullets and squids, are caught to be bring in restaurants and taverns kitchen.